Ya..thanks God it’s Friday! and tonight I’ll make myself available for my church cell meeting, Have been missing it for ages, ever since I got so caught up with my two DS that I’ve totally given up in going to one at night. And tonight after much struggle with myself for having to leave my one of my DS at home with my mom, then only I was able to make the decision to go. Plus with the interesting update from a friend recently on what’s going on the group which I miss so much.
That is for tonight, as for tomorrow night, as usual me and my BIL will be going back to my father-in-law’s home for the every-Saturday-gathering that we have been having ever since we moved out. The boys absolutely love it ‘cos they normally get new toys from grandpa and they get all the attention from him plus fun night with cousins.
Well.. I better get ready for the gathering tonight.