My first cell meeting after…

2? or 3 years? ya.. I haven’t been going to cell group meeting for ages.. I think my last meeting was when Cal just around 1 year old. After having Mer, it seems like impossible to go out at night and join others in a meeting with my two sons around. I must say I thank God for letting me having the chance to go last night. At first, the plan was to bring both of them. But the after much thought I changed my mind, so I was just going to bring Cal, my 1st DS, ‘cos normally if the two of them are in the same place, they’ll fight with each other over toys, over attention and over just about anything. Further more, 2nd DS don’t know how to share yet, he just keep everything for himself and he likes to scream. I don’t want that to happen, and at the same time hoping that I can have some quiet time with my fellow church members who I have lost touch with, whose babies I haven’t met for those lost years.

It turns out that I had to bring 2nd DS ‘cos he start nagging and refuse to let go of me, oh well.. as I’ve told my friend that I’ll bring them both at the first place, so I might as well stick to my initial plan.

I thought I would be the last one to arrive the meeting venue, but I’m not!

Then my two DS have been very good behave, no screaming, no fighting over toys, just being fine boys. To my observation, that is most probably due to the age different, ‘cos all others were just babies around 1 year old and even smaller. Mer is easy at sharing, probably feeling that he is a big brother there.

So after last night, I’m so gonna go again next week, further more the venue change again, and it is definite that the boys would take up some time to warm up to it and that’s be enough for me to have another quiet night enjoying the message from God.

This inspire me to use quote from the Bible in my scrapbooking pages. Maybe a page on the purpose of my life? Recommended for reading is this book by Rick Warren: Purpose Driven Life.

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