Note on eating out

ladies finger with damai belacan

Was in one of the local Chinese restaurant that offer good meal recently. I know this probably is not a good time to show so much meat here during this month, Good Friday is coming, remember?

However, I just want to record my gratitude here, being thankful for all the blessings that we are having now.

bitter gourd with salted egg york

There was a function going on at that time and we were hiding behind the divider curtain, with speaker that couldn’t be shut down on our end as the function didn’t occupy the whole floor. Lucky that they didn’t, else we won’t be able to even have dinner there.  Amidst all these, I’ve enjoyed my time with family.

steam mince pork with salted fish

On another note, if you run out of idea what to cook, try eating out with family, I mean the more the merrier, ‘cos you can try more variety of food, hopefully you’ll get inspired in trying out new dishes too.

fried pork knuckletofu with salted veggie soup

All these dishes are those that I normally either can’t or not able to cook and enjoy at home, cos I got fussy eater, plus .. Let’s face it, I’m not a brilliant cook (note to self).

Venue: New Wong Kok Restaurant, Jalan Kolam, Luyang.

Another new addition in the family

Gosh!  I’ve been holding this for too long..  It has already been a month,  over a month actually!

This little guy came before Christmas,  not right before but during the time of the joyous month. True celebration!

This time I had to do a boy card cos the new bundle of joy is a cute baby boy!


The inside..


The card was actually made by a trimmed 12×12″, folded twice to become a less than 6×6″ card. So we got plenty of space to write our blessings.

Congratulations Jackson for being a dad!

Shine or go crazy

Hi there.. how are you doing? I know I’ve been lagging in blogging lately. Everything lag.. even my scrapbook and my sewing project. And .. I still have a writing that need to be done for a local newspaper concerning scrapbook (which might never be done). Guess what? I’ve been so caught up with things everyday including k-drama! Ha! You may laugh now. Yes, I got hook again, and I try to limit myself in watching too much TV or spending too much time in front of the TV rather than doing other things in the house. But this one, just let me finish watching please.. then I’ll let it go .. (this part “Frozen” music come alive.. haha!) well.. not permanently (definitely) but for a while and get back to my creating self.

I’ve subscribed to Ali’s story stamp. So every month, I get to receive this cute (hand written mostly) clear stamps from Ali through the mail. It is my happy mail of the month. And yet I didn’t use it starting from “Gathering” theme.. I know I should be creating and documenting, else I’ll forget and regret. This month’s theme is “magic”, check it out here.

So, what is this k-dram that got my so hook up?

Let me tell you, I don’t like oldies movie with kung fu style of clothing and background history. I prefer stories set in the modern time. But this one, I love it!

shine or go crazy

Yes, it is call “Shine or go crazy” (辉煌或疯狂). More about it here. It is entertaining.

But guess what.. I’ve already something lining up next once this end.

For now, let’s shine or go crazy!!!

Favorite photos / blog posts in 2014

Merry Christmas!

It has been a great year. One that I went for 6 months unpaid leave. One that I found out I love sewing up clutches and bags. One that I’ve enjoyed.

Here are my favorite photos in 2014 which some are simply I love to see and remember..


1. This orchid is special to me, ‘cos it was bought in remembering a dear colleague with a happy smile and who always said that he wanted to come for coffee.


you2. My favorite layout this year = “You” layout of my kiddos happy faces. I love working with Ali Edwards’ word stamps which is so versatile and a good reminder on life, on just be, on instilling positive thoughts and showing my love to my kiddos.


me and calvin

3. Birthday! August is the Birthday month for my big kiddo – Calvin. Who turned 11 this year.


card pouch2

4. This year has been a productive year for me in terms of sewing. Almost all learned through online tutorial. Including this cards’ holder and I am still loving and using it.



5. School holidays has been something that got my stressed out for arranging where my kiddos would go, but this time I managed to get them to join in the fun in Petrosains exhibition. So we went for a handicraft exhibition host by Petrosains, which we had a great time weaving up baskets and drawing batikand. love the work that was done by my kiddos.


tree clutch

6. In terms of sewing, I especially love this clutch pattern through an online tutorial. So I’ve been sewing the similar pattern and this clutch was bought by my colleague.


project life6

7. I’ve been telling myself to get back on my scrapbook pages and started creating again. So I’ve started doing “Project Life” layout. Having bought an Instax Share printer make life easier too.


Light lunch scrapbook page8. Being back to work in July means I’ll need to be in between work and being a chauffeur for my kiddos. Here we managed to “escape” for a while and have our light lunch in Breadboss, Damai. Did this layout and love how it turned out.


Well, it is almost the end of 2014. I’m glad that I’ve enjoyed my year and I hope you do too.


Around here

Have been following Ali Edwards and have been in love on the way she’s telling her story and setting conscious reminder of life, being positive and being awesome. Today I wanted to record things that is happening now.

This week is school holidays for the boys. It has been learning, fun, movie, video, games and outing around here.

I didn’t manage to enroll them into any class or camp for the holiday. So I did the most that I can do, bringing them for events and activities that are available at hand, such as the Petrosains playsmart centre which offer basket weaving and batik painting over the weekend.

We had fun!


batik batik2


Around here, I let them have their share on the Notebook and TV. I let them watch their own favorite shows, play their own favorite games which is most probably – Minecraft and Lego.



Around here we argue over time-out. I stop them just in time for meals and I off the lights and demanded them to be in bed for the next day.

Around here, I wanted them to learn how to share, compromise, be patient and simply be a kid.

As for me, I’ve been searching and surfing, plus trying out new patterns and better sewing methods for my bag, pouches, or simply open to anything.

Found some great websites on sewing and stumble upon website on jewelry too, ha!

As for scrapbook, I’m anticipating the arrival of my first stamp sets from Ali… wu hooo!!! :))

What a difference~!

Today’s topic would be more towards what I call C9 topic. Which  means what a housewife would  normally concern about. Okay.. maybe not all housewife, at least this housewife, ha!

What caught my attention recently was this:



Yupe, the favourite spread of my son. He’s able to finish one can (350g) in a week if I don’t control the amount that is being used! And… if he can, he’ll want to have it in every meal plus snake time!

Guess what I discovered in the local supermarket!?

A major difference in price!

Yupe. One can of 375g Nutella is selling at RM17.50, which is in plastic can.

Another 350g Nutella is selling at RM12.99, which is glass can!

Now, tell me which one is worth the value?


Let me do some simple calculation here.

For the 350g (RM12.99), it is worth RM0.037 per gram.

For the 375g (RM17.50), it is worth RM0.047 per gram.

Obviously the 375g is more expensive, what more it is in plastic can. I would normally go for a higher grade packaging to know the value of the stuff. For instance a can of Snapple would definitely be more expensive than ordinary carton package or plastic bottle drinks, right?

These Nutella are both imported product, so why would I go for the more expensive one rather than the one with better value, right?

So I’ve bought two RM12.99 in once go!


Here is how the more expensive Nutella look like on the shelves:



So, ladies (and men who love Nutella), do go for better value when you are doing food shopping.


This would not be the case if you are asking me about buying musical instruments, ‘cos I’ve zero knowledge about them (this pop up ‘cos my son has started learning drum and has been wanting a new set of drums). I guess it would be even worse if he ask to buy hohner harmonica online!

Wanted but just can’t

I’ve got a few sketches on hand that I wanted to use and a few photos for those, but I just can’t get myself together to do them. Partly ‘cos I am too tire at night after the boys are sleeping. Another thing is though the sketches and photos are there, but journaling part just slow me down. I wanted to leave some good memories for the boys, but every night (yes, every night), I would have got mad with them especially Cal who always seems to be the trouble maker. Whom always seems have unending homework to do. Mer is non the less different. There are times that he got too much of a tantrum I basically ignore him till he settle himself down.

I’m also thankful that when either one of them wasn’t in a good state, the other was always be good and kind. Well, not always, there were times that I had to pulled over on the hard shoulder and settle them down for fighting over some toys or even just ideas.

Oh Lord, I do need lots of strength and patient, and love! Yes, lots of love from me to them.

So, no layout to share today. Goodnight you all, I needed the sleep.

Sisters LO

I’ve managed to do a layout without using brads on those embellishment that needed brads to secure them, like flowers. I used jewel / pearl stickers instead. And well.. I think my layout is not boring (I hope).
Here is a layout done for the friendship that me and my eldest sister share with a friend of ours having the same surname with us. She is like a sister to us.

Scallop light blue pattern pattern is from Scrap-n-crop Earth Day kit (this is just nice for the silver dress of my friend). Red polka-dot pattern paper is from American Craft. Flowers from Prima and HOTP (they bring out the colour of the red shirt), letter stickers from Basic Grey.
I really love scallop paper ever since I used it in “Style” layout.

p/s: I think I better stop taking photos at night right after I finished my layout, they always look dark and dull.