Around here

Have been following Ali Edwards and have been in love on the way she’s telling her story and setting conscious reminder of life, being positive and being awesome. Today I wanted to record things that is happening now.

This week is school holidays for the boys. It has been learning, fun, movie, video, games and outing around here.

I didn’t manage to enroll them into any class or camp for the holiday. So I did the most that I can do, bringing them for events and activities that are available at hand, such as the Petrosains playsmart centre which offer basket weaving and batik painting over the weekend.

We had fun!


batik batik2


Around here, I let them have their share on the Notebook and TV. I let them watch their own favorite shows, play their own favorite games which is most probably – Minecraft and Lego.



Around here we argue over time-out. I stop them just in time for meals and I off the lights and demanded them to be in bed for the next day.

Around here, I wanted them to learn how to share, compromise, be patient and simply be a kid.

As for me, I’ve been searching and surfing, plus trying out new patterns and better sewing methods for my bag, pouches, or simply open to anything.

Found some great websites on sewing and stumble upon website on jewelry too, ha!

As for scrapbook, I’m anticipating the arrival of my first stamp sets from Ali… wu hooo!!! :))

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