I’ve got a few sketches on hand that I wanted to use and a few photos for those, but I just can’t get myself together to do them. Partly ‘cos I am too tire at night after the boys are sleeping. Another thing is though the sketches and photos are there, but journaling part just slow me down. I wanted to leave some good memories for the boys, but every night (yes, every night), I would have got mad with them especially Cal who always seems to be the trouble maker. Whom always seems have unending homework to do. Mer is non the less different. There are times that he got too much of a tantrum I basically ignore him till he settle himself down.

I’m also thankful that when either one of them wasn’t in a good state, the other was always be good and kind. Well, not always, there were times that I had to pulled over on the hard shoulder and settle them down for fighting over some toys or even just ideas.

Oh Lord, I do need lots of strength and patient, and love! Yes, lots of love from me to them.

So, no layout to share today. Goodnight you all, I needed the sleep.