Now what?

Now that it is over, we’ll need to wait for another 4 years for this game, next will be the biggest country hosting the game. A game that everyone in the world is watching.

What do I think?

Well.. I’m not a fan of football but this year seems a bit different though I still didn’t watch a single game of it. But this year I’ve been influenced by my son who don’t know since when and from where that started to know about football and pay attention on the game.

I remember we were over in Hong Kong when the first game was on. He was excitedly telling us that he wanted to watch the game and wanted to get up at 3am in the morning with his alarm clocked set.

Unfortunately he forgot to put the alarm on and he has missed the game. Anyhow, hePlus, we have a FIFAbulous Sunday at church where everyone is encouraged to wear football jersey on that Sunday. And I’m not sure if that is coincident or what, my son got a German jersey, the exact look that they were wearing in their final game. So yah.. he is pretty much excited about his team winning the world cup.

He was even commenting on the players whom I’ve no clue about.

Anyway, now that it is over, I’m not sure if he’ll still ask to be trained in football.

So now what?  Just wait and see. .

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