Project 365

I some how lost count of the day and also get messed up with the real date, so I’m recording both right now.

Day 51

20th Feb.: The boys combed their own hair with gel today. A fun thing for them to do and also a way to get Mer to get changed and get to school.

Day 50

19th Feb: Went to Sutera Harbor to check out their Social membership, brought Mer together. He can’t sit still and wanted to have a walk around the jetty. Met Danny (an old friend from university) and Dr. F there. Didn’t thought I was going to have a good time there but I did. It was ok.

Day 49
18th Feb.: Actually forgot what special things happened today.
18th Feb

Project 365

Day 48

Today Cal went to have his teeth filled. He has been complaining about toothache ever since Chinese New Year. Big sis is bringing him to the dentist. He was brave and very interested on what the doctor did to his teeth. A new kind of experience for him, too bad that I wasn’t around to take picture.

Day 47

The day started with tantrum from Mer for not wanting to go to school. So he ends up wearing his usual clothes instead of his school uniform. Just the usual Monday blue.

Day 46

We went to City Mall to grab some free goodies from Nestle. Got ourselves some ice-cream tubs and coco crunch.

Day 45

Valentine’s Day. Spent most of the lunch hours in 1Borneo just window shopping while PQ went to meet with her bf for Valentine’s Day and a movie. The boys had been playing with my camera, this photo was taken by Mer. Later that evening, we had curry fish head in Krishna for dinner before dropping by in-law’s home.

Project 365

Day 44

Friday. I went to have a little shopping with colleague – Mary. Got myself a pair of new sandles to wear to work. The type that I haven’t been wearing for over a year. But I totally forgotten about wanting to watch the movie Benjamin Button.

Day 43

It is a Thursday. What had happened on this day? OMG! I forgot!! That’s the thing about taking photo every day, so that I can remember what had happened on that day.

Day 42

This is how my office table look like after catalog some audio visual materials.

Projects on hand

I have Disney’s photos that are way overdue that are still in the normal album got from photo processing shop. I’m putting that into my to-do-list.

I’ve this 8″x8″ album sent from Coconut Scrapshop last year. I wanted to finish putting up all the photos by using the “40 photos in 4 hours” way that I’ve tried before. But this time is with a bigger album and maybe I’ll be using more PP and cardstock as I can’t just cut 4 out from a 12″x12″ paper for this. I still have lots of PP from Hot off the press personal shopper kit, I hope to use those and not needed to buy in any new PP or cardstock for this project. Wanted to finish the project with the least money spent.

I’m also having another thing that I wanted to finish it quick – curtains for my room and my brother’s room. They are all worn out and dirty. I’ve started sewing last night and managed to finished the curtains edges. I’m so going to finish them tonight *grin*. I even snap a photo last night before getting to bed and wanted to put this into my Project 365.

Day 41

Journal: Project on hand that I wanted to do – new curtains for my room and John’s room. Bought the material from Jackel silk house, new in Alamesra. Managed to sew two pieces last night with sis’ sewing machine. Hope to finish it fast and see them hangs in the rooms.

I still have 2 cards in hand that I haven’t post out for Valentine’s day, blind me.. it would be too late by then.. but still, I’ll try to mail them out tomorrow.

Project 365


We get to enjoy bit of fireworks from the house late after 10pm from our neighbor. The boys supposed to be sleeping by that time, but we all ran out to view it. The last bonus for us all on Chap Goh Mei.

Project 365

Day 39

Celebrating the last day of Chinese New Year early. Uncle Kiun & wife, Uncle Kong and family, Ms Chiam & family were all there last night to have dinner with us. Opened up 3 tables during dinner. Later followed by “Jin la mi” game, fireworks and firecracker too! Definitely fun night for the kids.

Day 38

No photo taken. But we have been to try out the golf session in Likas, Cal absolutely love it. But I’ve decided not to enroll as member ‘cos I might not be able to bring him there.

Day 37

Brought Mer to City Mall, he was so excited with it and sure enough got his Vitagen.

Project 365

Day 36

I was working night shift and let Mer follow me to the office, so he ended up playing with some games on the public PC. At the end of the day, he doesn’t want to leave and request to go back there again.

Project 365

Day 32

The boys watching TV with their grandpa. We’ve moved back to stay with my in-laws while hubby is back for the Chinese New Year. The boys get to bond with their grandparents during this time.

Day 31

Went to the cemetery early in the morning to pay our respect to our late grandpa, grandma and brother Di Pak. Went there with Lily, Franco and Rebecca.