Project 365

Day 28
Mer having fun in the shower with the shower foam. He is learning how to shower himself, he loves it!

Day 27
The precious photo of my mom’s siblings. As usual like every year, we visited uncle’s home in Papar this year. Lunch followed by durian!

Project 365

Day 26
Reunion day for Chinese New Year Eve. We have lunch earlier on in my in-laws’ home, then dinner in my mom’s home with lot more people. The whole family were there including those from Hong Kong.

Day 25
A day filled with last minute shopping for hubby. Then we went out again at night to 1Borneo. Before heading home, I had my hot chocolate, love it!

Day 24
Went out for lunch in Secret Recipe. The boys enjoyed their crazy time like usual. They shares my Cheese Choc till I only got a few bite.

Day 23
Hubby came home and have totally forgotten about this project, so photo only taken on the next morning

Project 365

I know I’m going to be greedy again, I wanted to capture so many things in a day. Sometimes I have none. Just like what happen in this post.

Day 21

This is the book that I read using less than two days’ time. It is actually a horror story: 暗黑童話 by Otsu Ichi. Took this photo after mid-night when I’ve just finished reading it.

Day 22

Met my two ex-colleagues, one coming back from UK for a visit, so we have a gathering in Old Town Cafe today. A bit regretted to bring Mer with me as he always wanted my attention, so I’ve missed most of the conversation with the girls.

This one is extra, will decide later if I’ll include this in the project – Little Mer with his strawberry donut, look how messy he got.

Project 365

Day 19

The boys have so much toys that they always made a lot of clutter and they just scatter all around the play area. I decided to go through them and have throw away one big bag of broken toys. Then divided them into different baskets, now (at least) the place look much better.

Day 20

Cal has been bugging me to make him some soft toys that he saw from an old book of mine since Monday. So I’ve decided to make him his first request and I only managed to finish one after they have gone to bed

Project 365

Day 14

I can’t resist, I just had to add two photos for yesterday instead of just one.
Journal: Went to Uncle Alex’s house on our way home with the request from Mer. Once got there, Mr. O was so happy to see Mer. Then they stick their faces in front of the PC with the games. As for little Mr. R, buoy, this little guy is so interactive!

Project 365

Day 13

Journal: This morning, the boys sort of enjoying some “annoying-each-other-time” in bed. Cal was having his milk at that time and Mer suggested to go over his bed to just lay with him.

Project 365

Day 12
Jounal: A layout done for the two of us.

I’ve done this layout from an online sketch challenge over in SoCalScrap.

Product used: Pattern paper from K&Co., Autumn Leaves, Daisy D’s rub-on, sticker letters from Scenic Route, Rosa Moka, and Basic Grey, stamp from Basic Grey,

Project 365

Day 10

Journal: Spring cleaning day for the house done mostly my dad with his man-power and skills. Tired.

Day 11Journal: As usual, Sunday is play day for the boys with their cousins around.

Project 365

Day 8

This is what happened after the boys has slept, empty bottles. The boys still have their milk before bedtime, even Cal. I’ll need to stop him from using the bottle soon, he is turning 6 this year.

Project 365

Day 7

Vitagen, their favorite drink. This was when we were on our way home and Mer requested to have Vitagen and promised that he’ll only have that instead of anything else like sweets.