Projects on hand

I have Disney’s photos that are way overdue that are still in the normal album got from photo processing shop. I’m putting that into my to-do-list.

I’ve this 8″x8″ album sent from Coconut Scrapshop last year. I wanted to finish putting up all the photos by using the “40 photos in 4 hours” way that I’ve tried before. But this time is with a bigger album and maybe I’ll be using more PP and cardstock as I can’t just cut 4 out from a 12″x12″ paper for this. I still have lots of PP from Hot off the press personal shopper kit, I hope to use those and not needed to buy in any new PP or cardstock for this project. Wanted to finish the project with the least money spent.

I’m also having another thing that I wanted to finish it quick – curtains for my room and my brother’s room. They are all worn out and dirty. I’ve started sewing last night and managed to finished the curtains edges. I’m so going to finish them tonight *grin*. I even snap a photo last night before getting to bed and wanted to put this into my Project 365.

Day 41

Journal: Project on hand that I wanted to do – new curtains for my room and John’s room. Bought the material from Jackel silk house, new in Alamesra. Managed to sew two pieces last night with sis’ sewing machine. Hope to finish it fast and see them hangs in the rooms.

I still have 2 cards in hand that I haven’t post out for Valentine’s day, blind me.. it would be too late by then.. but still, I’ll try to mail them out tomorrow.

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