Project 365

Day 48

Today Cal went to have his teeth filled. He has been complaining about toothache ever since Chinese New Year. Big sis is bringing him to the dentist. He was brave and very interested on what the doctor did to his teeth. A new kind of experience for him, too bad that I wasn’t around to take picture.

Day 47

The day started with tantrum from Mer for not wanting to go to school. So he ends up wearing his usual clothes instead of his school uniform. Just the usual Monday blue.

Day 46

We went to City Mall to grab some free goodies from Nestle. Got ourselves some ice-cream tubs and coco crunch.

Day 45

Valentine’s Day. Spent most of the lunch hours in 1Borneo just window shopping while PQ went to meet with her bf for Valentine’s Day and a movie. The boys had been playing with my camera, this photo was taken by Mer. Later that evening, we had curry fish head in Krishna for dinner before dropping by in-law’s home.

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