Project life spread – Sri Lanka

Hi there, here we are moving into the 2nd week of March, time flies, being grateful of what I have and what I can do.
Haven’t been doing Project Life pages for a while now… and I found some really old photos of us in Sri Lanka when hubby was working there and when Calvin was just over a year old.

The initial plan was to move over there, stay there for good while hubby work there.. but it turns out that it was a job that he worked, and then change job. It was actually a nice place to stay even though Tamil Tiger was active at that time and it was before the 2004 Tsunami. Am glad that he’s no longer working there, though I miss the visits, passing-by the narrow streets where all the cars fully using their honk to get where they wanted and the attention that they needed. Also missing those shop-houses along the way where you can see all sorts of sarees in all sort of design and colors hanging in the shops. There were also quite a lot of German’s own resorts (I heard) which serve good BBQ buffet.

I got my first Saree made in Columbo that year, which was being measure, tailored and delivered that next day! That’s how fast they are. Now, I can’t fit in the little Saree blouse.

So, here are some of the photos that I manage to keep:

Our first day in Colombo:

With Hubby’s colleague and one of the colleague’s daughter.
20160220_122518 20160220_122656 20160220_122752

I wasn’t needed to do any laundry while we were there, not even cooking, food were provided and they always had BBQ during weekend. The club-house is just less than 5 minutes away, food were being served there.

Do miss those time though…


Have a great week you all.

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