Where do I start?

OMG! There are so many craft idea online!! Bags, using cotton, using jeans materials, using PU, leather, cork fabric.. Gosh! I’m overwhelm! Where should I start!??

I’ve got those patterns ready, those fabric ready but still there are always some more new pattern comes up, new fabric and new ideas that pop into my head. Where do I start!?

I know the techniques, I know how to sew them up, but there are always better ways to join them together, to combine this materials with another, to sew it better, faster and more professional looking. So… which one should I be looking at? Where do I start?

There is this websites that I can check, to get ideas. There is another website that I can get free pattern, pattern on sales, pattern that I can just download after payment, pattern with videos. OMG, where do I start?

Okay, Hannie.. you’ll just have to start somewhere, stop thinking too much, just do it!

Love – wedding card


Did a wedding card by request few days ago..  even got to make an envelop to go with it.

Flowers are definitely in the list of materials used. This time, plus pearls and lace ribbon.

Everything are from My Creative Scrapbook kit.. well.. I haven’t been keeping track on which month they were from.. so here goes..wedding-card3 wedding-card2 wedding-card1

May you have a happy week ahead and looking forward to March..

A farewell and some blooms

This has been a post that I wanted a post weeks ago.. just couldn’t get myself the opportunity to finish it, till today.. it goes..


Recently we had a little farewell for my senior who was our head of division. Changes and moving forward in the work field is inevitable.

Like usual, I was being told to ready a card for that occasion. I gladly accepted as I would love to share my appreciation through the card.


The picture below is to show the 3D effect of the card.farewell-card-2

On another note… this year, I really appreciate the initiative and love shown through little gesture from my sister and hubby. I’ve been greeted by this nicely scented blossom for the past few days.. it is not a long live flowers but the smell is just so nice.. wish that it could stay longer.

Having nicely bloom flowers in the house is really enjoying.

flowers3 flowers2 flowers1

As you can see, I took these photos on 1st Feb. Now they are drying up and lost the smell.. such a short live flowers.. anyway, thanks for bringing joy into my life.

Have a great week you all..

Another project life spread

Yes, right after Easter, I’ve got this to share – just another Project Life spread.

This time to record what we did on Friday, after welcoming back hubby from the air-port. We went to our familiar place – Marina club of Sutera Harbor Resort.

Tried out their breakfast platter with porch egg and discovered that I pretty much prefer sunny-side-up instead of porch egg. Plus, I prefer McD’s pancake. Anyhow, we finished our breakfast.

project life1

Been loving Ali Edwards’ word stamp. So have been using a lot of her stamp on one of the cards shown here:

project life2

Hope you all have a great week!

Project life spread – Sri Lanka

Hi there, here we are moving into the 2nd week of March, time flies, being grateful of what I have and what I can do.
Haven’t been doing Project Life pages for a while now… and I found some really old photos of us in Sri Lanka when hubby was working there and when Calvin was just over a year old.

The initial plan was to move over there, stay there for good while hubby work there.. but it turns out that it was a job that he worked, and then change job. It was actually a nice place to stay even though Tamil Tiger was active at that time and it was before the 2004 Tsunami. Am glad that he’s no longer working there, though I miss the visits, passing-by the narrow streets where all the cars fully using their honk to get where they wanted and the attention that they needed. Also missing those shop-houses along the way where you can see all sorts of sarees in all sort of design and colors hanging in the shops. There were also quite a lot of German’s own resorts (I heard) which serve good BBQ buffet.

I got my first Saree made in Columbo that year, which was being measure, tailored and delivered that next day! That’s how fast they are. Now, I can’t fit in the little Saree blouse.

So, here are some of the photos that I manage to keep:

Our first day in Colombo:

With Hubby’s colleague and one of the colleague’s daughter.
20160220_122518 20160220_122656 20160220_122752

I wasn’t needed to do any laundry while we were there, not even cooking, food were provided and they always had BBQ during weekend. The club-house is just less than 5 minutes away, food were being served there.

Do miss those time though…


Have a great week you all.

Page with Calvin


It is March already, how fast! And… I’ve done another page using molding paste, they are fun! Especially with embossed end-result and I can change the color of the paste by mixing it with misting spray. Didn’t use much of the embellishment this time, especially not using any Prima flower.

with calvin

Here are some close-up of the page.

with calvin1

You can see I’ve been using word stamp from Ali Edwards. I’m still subscribe to her story telling stamp every month, just love to watch her lesson videos and ideas in recording life stories. Am also trying to record down stories in my life and hopefully can read them in the future when I get really really old (if I do get that old), ha!

with calvin3

Have also use some die-cut from Basic Grey and brads just to add some dimension to the page.

Well, start creating and have fun!

Page done with molding paste

It has been such a long while that I didn’t create any scrapbook page and last week I sat down in my scraproom table, looking at those photos taken during Chinese New Year, and told myself I must create at least a page. Some how I’ve made several including Project Life spread of photos taken years back in Sri Lanka.

Today, I just want to share this page taken with Mervin

with mervin

Using whatever that I have in my stash and Ali Story Word stamp, Prima Flowers and GasicGrey die-cut.

Wanted to incorporate the red and green in the photo into the page, thus that combination of colors, a pretty unusual one for me.


Yesterday was the last day of celebration for Chinese New Year, our Chap Goh Mei and Chinese Valentine’s Day, it mark the last day of celebration, looking forward to a year fill with happiness this year.


Magic evening – mix-media

Original page

Hi there! Hope you’ve had a great weekend!

I’ve got myself a bottle of molding paste and some Prima stencils, just couldn’t wait to try them on, and that’s the result of this page – Magic evening.

I’ve been playing with the mold by itself and also with some color mist. Those bulging little pedals on the bottom of the page and those teal color leafs are from the molding paste. I had to leave it till it totally dried up then I can continue working with it.

The way how this page come by is inspired by My Creative Scrapbook mix media video that their designer showed, thank you My Creative Scrapbook!

Here are some closed-up of the pages showing those pretty Prima flowers and the punched-out butterflies using Martha Stewards punchers.

Prima flowers and meshRub-on and punched out butterfliesmagic evening4

magic evening5

I had this page into the frame that I have at home and it is now sitting right next to my TV.. teeheee…

Framed-up page

Hope you continue to enjoy the rest of your weekend.

New addition to the big family


Not me, not mine, the new addition is a new arrival for my colleague’s family,  a cute little bundle of joy. I’m saying welcoming the bundle of joy to a big family, I mean the work family. We do spend most of our time in the office, right?

Sorry can’t show her photo here, but I’m sharing the card that I’ve made by request for this special occasion, congratulating her on her effort in carrying that little bundle of joy for 9 months and now being a new mother who is doing all she could in making sure her baby is in good shape.

Well, since it is a girl, girly color is a must and with flowers of course!

I always find it easy to make cards for girls instead of men or boy. Making card for me is really a challenge to me. So, here goes, more photos of the card that I’ve made using misted doily, Prima flowers, heat embossed stamped up sentiment, butterflies with several layer of embossing powder, plus twine and buttons.

congratulations prima flowers heat embossed butterfly

Yupe, from the date on the photos you can tell that this card has been made quite some times ago, but only recently that we managed to present it to her. I just hope she’ll treasure those blessings in the card and cherish the role of being a mother to a little princess.

Have a great weekend you all!

Click, Scrap, Repeat plus a challenge

Yupe, some stamps are just so versatile that you can use them again and again. That’s what happened to this layout that I’m going to share today.

Check out this layout that I’ve used the same stamp – Little Moments, here..

Wanted to use “Little Moments” as my title, but changed my mind since I’ve used it before and would like to try something else.

little moments

Not a so pretty photo that I’ve taken. It was taken in Sushi King while the boys brought their Chinese Chess there and straight away helped themselves with the game while waiting for their order. Which is absolutely fine to me. Rather than them facing the tab or my phone without talking or interacting with each other.little moments1

As for what I’ve used.. well, lots of Prima’s flowers and two Basic Grey clips. Love those flower with some brads.

Have used border punches too.

little moments2

oh .. and this layout was started from a layout challenge over at MyCreativeScrappers, September Sketch Challenge. Head on over if you are in for a challenge, deadline is October 14.

As for myself, I’ve put down some challenge or a start-up guide for myself to start this layout, that is to include the following in my layout:

  • Lace
  • Flowers
  • Border punch
  • Ink
  • Torn page

Well, let me know if you are joining the fun and have a fun day and keep up with those life records.