Getting nuttier..

Gosh! I’ve been too into bag making that I’ve neglected my scrapbook! I still haven’t scrap those pictures that we took during the trip to Singapore in August! And now is already October. End of October that’s it.
OMG!! Where did my mind goes?! To those bags definitely.
Now I’m looking at embroidery bags, they look so nice, so original and one thing about handmade is, you’ll never get two bags exactly the same in the world! Yes, it is totally unique. That’s why handmade worth more than mass produces bags. What more handmade always made out of love. There is always some personal touch in the bag and stories for each bag. I love that.
I’m not going to stop scrapbooking, but I wanted also to make things that I can use and others also can get them for themselves.
Let me find the balance in between. I just hope that this new craft thing won’t die off once I run out of fabric.

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