Intense Debate

Well, I’ve just added Intense Debate into my comments area, hopefully it is working well. And in order for me to know that, please do leave me a message here.
O, about my bag sewing project, well.. it is still on going and I’m doing more small bags than bigger ones, ‘cos they are fast to put together and I’m loving that my friends totally love them! Those small bags have been useful for them, I’m so glad!
And onto my scrapbook projects, I still haven’t got our Singapore and KL trip into an album. I do have them developed in the photo shop, now just fresh and waiting for me to put them together.
I’m still a bit sad now that I’ve lost my mobile phone. Not that it is lost, it is just broken by being thrown onto the floor, don’t want to mention about it here. I just hope I’ll be able to get a new one pretty soon and this time I hope it is a smart phone that allows me to get online whenever and wherever.
For now, do me a favor and leave me some comments.
Thank you!

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