Lovely paperline huh? They are all from Echo Park Sweet Summer Time PP in Scrapbook Daisies kit. I hand-sew those “bling” with some beats from my stash to make the flower centre.

So, what’s in my bag?
Wallet of course, then there are my hand-phone, car key, lipstick in the case, lip-gloss, hand lotion in sakura (love the smell), two pens! and of course the camera that I was using to snap these photos.
Two girls must have thought that I was crazy ‘cos I was snapping my handbag in a studio’s chair where they use to snap passport photos! Ha!
Hope you are having a great weekend!
Oh ya.. Head on over to Scrapbook Daisies now for they are having a celebration for the opening of the Scrapbook Daisies store.
And ya.. I’m so proud that I was using my Slice to cut those swirls, but bad news is that one of the design card which came together in the Slice package is no longer working, and it is one with Ms+, which has image, flip function! Bu hoo hoo….