I felt like…

I felt like I have lost something that I didn’t scrap as often as I could recently, probably just too tire to do so.

I saw lots of great pages over the Net, I wanted to scrap-lift them, I wanted to make it my own and record down stories of the day to day life. I wanted to use all those distressing technique, those mist, those chipboard, those fuzzy cutting and just have fun.

When I do scrap, I felt that I will pay more attention on things around me, on what my kids said, how they behave and how I respond, so that I can jot them down and put them all in my scrapbook page.

I wanted to do a mini-album about me and hubby, or simply a mini-album about things around the house, I definitely going to do this challenge.

I wanted to make more cards, cards just to say hello and I need to post out those cards that I’ve made.
So many things to do on a Friday morning. Maybe I’ll start tonight.


One thought on “I felt like…

  1. Michelle says:

    I can completely understand how you feel. I have felt like that before too. I hope this has been a good week for you!!! Happy Friday to you (tho it’s only 8:30pm thurs night my time!! LOL) I hope you are doing well!


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