Yes, I felt like I’ve lost touch with my site, my scrapbook, my creativity, my me-time. I felt that I’ve no mood to do scrapbook after a tiring day and needed sleep so much. I felt that I’ve been deprived of sleep. Partly due to the fact that I was doing something else instead of scrapbooking. I was baking! Yes! I’ve baked Suzanne’s funeral cake, Suzanne’s chocolate chips cookies (‘cos I’m reading her book – Muffins and mayhem), some other pumpkin soup that I learnt from the net and even beef stew that I learnt from Martha Stewart’s show. So out of the ordinary me.

Yes, I love every bit of that and I’ve enjoyed doing all those cooking and baking. I intended to do more cookies, I love those chocolate chips cookies and I’ve got all those ingredient ready. Just there for me to bake anytime when I felt like it. Just like the other night. After talking to hubby over the phone, I didn’t go straight to bed, instead I’ve bake some muffins / cupcake out from the funeral cake recipe.

For the past weeks, I was even lazy to read others’ blog post and I’ve been skipping here and there, till today. Then only know that I’ve lost so much opportunities in free give-away! Anyway, I seldom get them even when I’ve entered.

So, now, tonight I wanted to do a layout for a friend, finger crossed that I don’t get too tire and my mojo is back.