Wanna sell and buy kids’ stuff?

I’ve a site to introduce to you all if you are looking for kids’ stuff and also trying to sell some over the net – Kidzola. Go over to Kidzola now and get yourself register with them, and also do put FM101 in the Referred By (Username) column.

Once you do that, you get a chance to enter in a monthly drawing for a US$25 Kidzola gift certificate.

“Kidzola is a great marketplace filled with everything kids need to fit a wide variety of budgets.  They’ve got new, handmade and resale items from sellers all across the States. Some of the sellers even ship to Canada.

If you intended to sell over at Kidzola, they’ll need you to key in your credit card details. You can also create your own storefront complete with logo, URL, banner, store description and feedback ratings.

So, do go over to Kidzola now and get yourself register with me as the referral (FM101), happy shopping!

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