I think I love this baby more…

than my own son! Just look at him, so adorable! So cute!!
Introducing little Elijah!

This bundle of joy belongs to Aunty J. I stole one of her photo (with her knowledge) and made this page. I fell in love with that chubby cheek and beautiful eyes. Then it is just nice for me to scrap this for a challenge over in Scrapbook Deals 4U. This is also a layout that I stop worrying about if I should use flowers or doily in a boy’s page. He is just too adorable for not having any flowers there!

I have given this layout to Auntie J on Wednesday and really.. I felt like keeping it instead..hehe.. just too cute!

By the way, I’m using the Thrift shop kit from SD4U. Those cute crochet doilies are from Sweet Vintage.

Happy weekend! Mine now the boys are cleaning the drain!! Without even needing me to ask them to do so and I won’t get them to do that either. It is just that Mer saw the next door maid do that and probably he thinks it is interesting and thus he started to clean our drain now. Hope they are not making a big mess out there.

12 thoughts on “I think I love this baby more…

  1. Aunty J says:

    Absolutely gorgeos FM! I truly love it especially with the flowers and the crochet flowers…simply beautifully done…u can tell how much I love it eh ;p Thanks so much once again! 🙂


  2. hannie says:

    @everyone: Thank you all for your kind comments.@Leo, ya, me too.. no rezeki yet too.@Dena, hehehe… you pray that I’lll get a girl la.. so I can scrap away with lots and lots of flowers.@Aunty J, TQTQTQ!@Prince n princess mum, thanks for dropping by ever so often.@Cindy, such an honor to get a comment from you – the card expert.@Sofie, ya.. I am entering myself to your give away.


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