Mother’s Day Cards

I didn’t do a lot of cards to give a way for Mother’s Day, here are those that I managed to make and sent to friends:

Those below are almost the exact replica from Kristii, of course hers is prettier, Thanks Kristii for the inspiration!

I’ve an announcement to make. Remember the RAK that I have for Scrap-a-little blog hop for those who follow my blog and commented in this post? Well, it turns out that the winner isn’t my follower and till now she hasn’t contacted me, so I’m making another draw for my new winner.
So the new winner is:

3/4/10 3:20 PM
Stephanie said…
You really did use some great paper on the layout, love it!

By the way, she is the only person who commented on my post for the previous winner.
So, Congratulations Stephanie, do send me your address to to claim your prize.

3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Cards

  1. Uncle Lee says:

    Hello Hannie, very interesting hobby you have. And you sure one very creative and imaginative mom too.Your handicrafts are beautiful, and can see the interest and love you put into designing, making them.Outstanding, Hannie.You have a pleasant weekend and keep a song in your heart, Lee.


  2. Stephanie says:

    what a great news you have! since i’m at my grandmother for a few days I don’t have much time to check all the new creation. But when I checked my website this morning I had a very lovely comment. Thanks a lot!! I will sent you my info later today!btw, your cards are great, again!


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