Love – wedding card


Did a wedding card by request few days ago..  even got to make an envelop to go with it.

Flowers are definitely in the list of materials used. This time, plus pearls and lace ribbon.

Everything are from My Creative Scrapbook kit.. well.. I haven’t been keeping track on which month they were from.. so here wedding-card2 wedding-card1

May you have a happy week ahead and looking forward to March..

A farewell and some blooms

This has been a post that I wanted a post weeks ago.. just couldn’t get myself the opportunity to finish it, till today.. it goes..


Recently we had a little farewell for my senior who was our head of division. Changes and moving forward in the work field is inevitable.

Like usual, I was being told to ready a card for that occasion. I gladly accepted as I would love to share my appreciation through the card.


The picture below is to show the 3D effect of the card.farewell-card-2

On another note… this year, I really appreciate the initiative and love shown through little gesture from my sister and hubby. I’ve been greeted by this nicely scented blossom for the past few days.. it is not a long live flowers but the smell is just so nice.. wish that it could stay longer.

Having nicely bloom flowers in the house is really enjoying.

flowers3 flowers2 flowers1

As you can see, I took these photos on 1st Feb. Now they are drying up and lost the smell.. such a short live flowers.. anyway, thanks for bringing joy into my life.

Have a great week you all..

New addition to the big family


Not me, not mine, the new addition is a new arrival for my colleague’s family,  a cute little bundle of joy. I’m saying welcoming the bundle of joy to a big family, I mean the work family. We do spend most of our time in the office, right?

Sorry can’t show her photo here, but I’m sharing the card that I’ve made by request for this special occasion, congratulating her on her effort in carrying that little bundle of joy for 9 months and now being a new mother who is doing all she could in making sure her baby is in good shape.

Well, since it is a girl, girly color is a must and with flowers of course!

I always find it easy to make cards for girls instead of men or boy. Making card for me is really a challenge to me. So, here goes, more photos of the card that I’ve made using misted doily, Prima flowers, heat embossed stamped up sentiment, butterflies with several layer of embossing powder, plus twine and buttons.

congratulations prima flowers heat embossed butterfly

Yupe, from the date on the photos you can tell that this card has been made quite some times ago, but only recently that we managed to present it to her. I just hope she’ll treasure those blessings in the card and cherish the role of being a mother to a little princess.

Have a great weekend you all!


Over the past weeks, I’ve got invitation for 2 weddings, one from colleagues and one from my cousin. I wrote colleagues ‘cos both sides are working in my office, though in different divisions.

Side track a bit — I can’t think of how it could be if I’m marrying my colleague whom I see everyday, day and night. And most probably sharing the same gossips and worse could be in the same office and in different management level which makes things hard for both side, imaging having conflict on our thoughts over the same thing and one is superior than the other. And… I don’t want to work under my hubby.. a good hubby doesn’t mean a good boss and it will create office politics and more gossip if we are in the same office.

Lucky for that two colleagues, they are in different divisions and I can see that they are not in the conflict zone. Good for them.

As for my cousin, a jolly and outgoing girl, may she live happily ever after and hopefully can get her own place pretty soon.


Back to the post — today shares – A simple wedding card for the lovebirds. Under request from colleague from our division.

wedding card 1 wedding card 2

Have used a bit of velum in the middle to let the doily pop a bit. But then I’ve mist it with pink glimmer (can’t really see the shining bits here), so it stays contrast with the white doily.

I hope this card will inspire you to create something even prettier.


Go for a happy week ahead!

Started to make Christmas cards

I know some of you have already made your Christmas cards and probably started to send them out by now.
I’ve just made mine and probably will make some more. These are the few patterns that I’ve in my production.
I’ve got a new Martha Stewart snowflake punch from Kuala Lumpur. Seen here are two different snowflakes, one is from MM Slice machine, and the other smaller one is from Martha Stewart.

I wanted to make if more meaningful, so I’ve used Ali Edwards stamp at the back of the card. Love the result.
Next thing is the December Daily’s album, which I haven’t started making yet.
Happy Monday!

Thank you cards for charity

Here are some of the patterns that I did as thank you card for those who has donated to a charity drive that my colleague did. They’ve visited a local orphanage, brought food, joy and laughter, all thanks to those who gave willingly and generously. There are 110 thank you cards needed!
I have used the simplest design for those cards, below are some more with different pattern papers.

I hope those who are getting these thank you card are truly felt appreciated.

Happy scrapping and happy giving!

Wedding Anniversay

It was the 4th wedding anniversary of my friend LeeYo recently and she has requested to make a card for her hubby..
hehee.. wanna see how the card looks like? Ya.. I guess you are curios..
So, here is it!

I was playing around with the My Mind’s Eye kit from Scrapbook Daisies. And tried to make that flower. It is actually very easy to make, just that a bit hard to find a brad with long legs to get it through the paper.

So, LeeYo, Happy Anniversary!!! May you have hundreds of years to come.. haha!