Stamp set from PW

I was so happy yesterday that I finally received my first set of stamp from Paperwishes Personal hopper “Stamps Only Club”.

Got my free gift as well, a 2″ x 6″ clear block.

This time they are sending out “Artsy ABC’s” together with a leftlet telling me how to use them, isn’t it great?

I just can’t wait to use them in my LO, so I’ve tried it out on scrap paper just to see how they are. Unfortunately there is one letter that has been crushed maybe by the block which is packed together through the mail :o(
To make it worse, among the 3 “N”, that is the one that I like most. [double :o( ]

I’m going to write to them and see if it is possible to change it, I’m not asking for more, I just need the N, a perfect N.
So, Paulette, if you are reading this, please please please, could I have a perfect “N”..

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