Page done with molding paste

It has been such a long while that I didn’t create any scrapbook page and last week I sat down in my scraproom table, looking at those photos taken during Chinese New Year, and told myself I must create at least a page. Some how I’ve made several including Project Life spread of photos taken years back in Sri Lanka.

Today, I just want to share this page taken with Mervin

with mervin

Using whatever that I have in my stash and Ali Story Word stamp, Prima Flowers and GasicGrey die-cut.

Wanted to incorporate the red and green in the photo into the page, thus that combination of colors, a pretty unusual one for me.


Yesterday was the last day of celebration for Chinese New Year, our Chap Goh Mei and Chinese Valentine’s Day, it mark the last day of celebration, looking forward to a year fill with happiness this year.


Little moments

Little Moments

Hi there, how are you treating life?

It has been such a long time that I haven’t been making scrapbook page.. since last November 2014!! The whole 8 months without putting down any photos on a single scrapbook page! Where have I been!? This is so not me.. not being able to create scrapbook page and recording life story..

However, I’ve tried to keep myself updated with Ali Edwards’ page and story stamp though they are starting to gather dust. Thanks to the special occassion on 5th August that made me wanna create again. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to come up with a birthday page for Calvin, instead, I’ve created the page above. One that recorded down that happy moment that I had with my niece having lunch together. Which could soon be a rare moment, as she might just move on to another place in the near future. For good.

Here are some details of the page, which you’ll be able to see one of Ali’s story stamp – “little moments”, “life is good” circle stamp and that little love mug.. they are just so adorable. I’ve added on some tags, rub-on and Prima flower too.

little moments1

little moments2

I’m looking forward to a great week ahead, one that I hope I’ll not dwell on the passed and worried about what’s going to happen.

I hope you too, have a great week ahead.

“Love life and life will love you back” – author unknown.

What kids love?


Yes, watch this video and you’ll know what I mean. It happened to Calvin too. He loves that, he doesn’t mind getting messy over those ink pad. He loves to try out different stamps by using different color ink. This mommy who is the one who is afraid that he’ll dried up all those ink pad.
He has made two cards using my stamps, one for Jesus and one for daddy. Why for Jesus and how to send over to him I asked. It is easy, just leave it near to the cross and He will be able to see it, and why, ‘cos he wanted to ask for a clear day when we all go to Klias for fireflies and monkey watching. Brilliant huh!?
As for daddy, ‘cos daddy just came back last week. I’ll try if I can still find those cards and post them up here.

Stamp set from PW

I was so happy yesterday that I finally received my first set of stamp from Paperwishes Personal hopper “Stamps Only Club”.

Got my free gift as well, a 2″ x 6″ clear block.

This time they are sending out “Artsy ABC’s” together with a leftlet telling me how to use them, isn’t it great?

I just can’t wait to use them in my LO, so I’ve tried it out on scrap paper just to see how they are. Unfortunately there is one letter that has been crushed maybe by the block which is packed together through the mail :o(
To make it worse, among the 3 “N”, that is the one that I like most. [double :o( ]

I’m going to write to them and see if it is possible to change it, I’m not asking for more, I just need the N, a perfect N.
So, Paulette, if you are reading this, please please please, could I have a perfect “N”..