1st altered project

Just wanna show the first altered project that I did over the weekend. These photo frames had been sitting in our living room for ages ever since Cal was just over 1 year old, bought by my sis from IKEA. She thought they were cute and handy, most importantly they are cheap. I personally don’t like them due to the texture of the wood and it came with real glass.

I was clearing the table on Sunday and thought, hey, why not I paint them and maybe put something on the frame. So I did! I started off by painting them with my white acrylic paint. Got some help from my two boys. Let them dry and then decide what to do with them. I tried to stamp on them but it doesn’t look that nice, probably I haven’t got the right ink. So I’ve decided to use brads instead.

First, I mark on the frame where I wanted to put my brads with pencil, then nailing holes on the marked area so that I can insert the brads in. I nailed the nail 1/3 into the frame and pulled it out again.

After inserting the brad that I like, I then nail it but not straight on it, I use a wooden ruler as protector, then nail it down so that it is nicely secure on the frame.

Do it to all the rest of the brads and I get:

I don’t like the effect of stamp on these frames, but just too lazy to redo them again. Maybe next time I’ll repaint them and put some other kind of brads there.
Most brads are from Making Memories. Stamp from Hero Arts. Both can get from 2Peas.

Thanks for looking

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