1st page of “Our Wedding” album

I finally did the first page of my wedding album after doing all the rest of the pages inside (still .. some are lacking in journalling that I’m planning to print instead of hand journal.)

Thanks for Peridot&Sapphire who gave me an idea to use our gift wedding photos. I have actually 2 different wedding photos as gift cards and I’m just being greedy that I wanted to use both.

I’ve got the idea in displaying two different photos from a page LO done by Mellette Berezoski‘s “Remember” (Scrapbooks.etc, August/Sept ’07, pg. 26)

The two gift card photos are actually in different background and mood. Thus I use PP that best represented them from my stash of papers. Other than that, I’ve used Prima B&W flowers with mini brads from Hot Off the Press. The swirl doodles are traced by using HOTP’s swirl palette. The alphabets are from Basic Grey. The rest are hand journal which I’ve copied the Mother Teresa quote from Mellette’s LO. – Love is the golden thread that ties our hearts and souls together.


  1. Cut 2 different PP into 6″x12″ and joined them with a 1″x12″ yellow cardstock.
  2. Mate photos into white and black cardstock respectively. Adhere as shown in LO.
  3. Arrange and adhere title then trace the swirl using black pen and white gel pen as shown.
  4. Hand journal on white cardstock then mate them into apple green and brown PP/cardstock. Adhere on LO.
  5. Punch small hole to secure brads with double layer of flowers.

Silly me.. you might have known by just one look at the LO..
oh.. by the way.. I’m sure I’m not that pretty in real person. Well.. these photos were taken in the bridal studio, sure they’ll smooth out any wrinkles and make you look super pretty like cover girl.

p/s: for my own privacy sake, I’ve blurred out me and hubby’s name *big grin showing teeth*

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