Down with a cold

Haven’t been feeling in my tip top condition these few days, has been bug by the flu, runny nose, heavy head, hot eyes, what else you got there for a cold. Not so bad as I can still go to work and still functioning at work. Just that this heavy head hasn’t been giving me much umph in doing things, not scrapbooking definitely. Still.. I managed to put in the journaling for my LO on my 2nd DS and one of my wedding pages. I’ve checked out the Font Garden and found Jasmine, love it and tried to mimic it in my layout. It is for sale actually.. but still I want to try it out by my own hand-writing first. When the need is there, I might just pay it with my paypal and start using it more in my journaling.
As for now, let me concentrate to have happy thoughts and yes, Thank God for healing me. *wink*

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