Did I mentioned that I’m working on my wedding album? It was 6 years ago that I got married and I’ve actually patched all my photos into the magnetic album. So it is in the plan that I should get them all out and do it properly with archival products.
While I was working on it, I get to realise things that I’ve never noticed before. One of it was the look of my dad’s eyes when he walked me down the aisle, they look happy at first but till the point where he had to hand me over to my hubby that they start to change to sad eyes.. maybe more to worried eyes.. so I guess that could be the hardest thing that my dad need to do at that time, and now I’ve journal them into the LO.
There are other things that I noticed as well, one obvious one is that I’ve been smiling all through the ceremony for reason that I can’t remember now. Maybe just because it was my big day, and I’m really getting married.
There are so many photos taken during the wedding ceremony starting from my make-up being done at home till the simple reception done in church, and I haven’t even started to do the part where we had our wedding reception. It seems that we were the first couple who did our emceeing ourselves! We even have an entry that we sang a duet! It was a fun night actually and we had enjoyed it, not sure about the guest though.

Here is one of the simple LO that I’ve done by using My Mind’s eye paper and prima flowers layered in green and white, then secured by brads from making memories and zot instead of punching holes, so that I can use the reverse side of the paper. I doodle the swirl on the right side of the page by using the swirl template from Hot off the press. and the Chinese words embellishment is actually a cut out from magazine which I’m suppose to photocopy but instead of doing that, what I did was just to ink it and adhere it on acid free paper.
These were during the wedding ceremony where we had our prais and worship before the sermon. I’m glad that these photos show that we are really looking and feeling the same as a couple.

Yupe! I’m taller than my hubby ..*big grin*