Gathering of friends

Just went to have a gathering over lunch with some classmates of mine in high school. After years of loosing track and changes over status, we have got lots to catch up with. Interesting to learn that their characters are still the same but wiser through the lesson learn from the University of the Society. It is always fun to have this sort of gathering especially with one classmate who used to be famous for his wittyness in school and doesn’t take things seriously, but now he is having a good life. Having to say that, we all are concern if he is still single, and seems that he is still finding the right person. I’m sure once he found the other half, he could be a very dedicated husband and father. Wish him all the best!
Another classmate who came back all the way from the US has brought me a gift which has given me days ago, a scrapbook album!! Isn’t it great? I mean I’m in need of album now and am having problem in obtaining them and yet she is so thoughtfull to hand carry it all the way back from Seattle! Really appreciate it Sze..
PhotobucketA K & Co. strip album for boys. But I don’t care and I’ve started using it by putting my wedding photos. well for the mean time that’s it. Maybe will change it later.

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