Chinese new year is coming

Ya.. pretty soon, Chinese new year will be here.. the year of rat is coming.. another new year for us Chinese… and I still haven’t shop for clothes for my boys.. oh dear.. wish I can do it online using any online shop which offer fast delivery service maybe plus with a trustworthy shopping cart system and is hassle free.
Sometimes I wish I can just like “Bewitch”, with the twist of my nose and I get everything in hand, including nicely matched clothes for myself.
Well.. at least one thing I’ve done to welcoming the new year.. got my hair permed, well.. not like Gabriella in High School Musical that I talked about in my other blog, but as “si lai” as my hubby puts it.
Coming back about this shopping things.. hmm.. how I wish.. I have a butler to do all those choosing things, provided he/she really knows what I want 😉
For those of you who is doing online business, try out to get a trustworthy online cart to get more clients first.. and let me know.. so I can visit your online store one day.. have a butler service even better…

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