The LO that my sister loves

I haven’t got any photo of my son on his first day at school, the only one that I have so far is taken by my sister when Cal is over in her house after school. Where were I? Well… I went off to fetch my 2nd son from school and guess what.. during that time, they had a great time, I mean Cal and his cousin, they had shower fun! They can’t do it in my mom’s place ‘cos we don’t have a shower head, they always had a bath but we still call it shower anyway – one that without the head.
When Cal and Rod is having a good time in the shower room, obviously taking longer than they should with all those splash of water, my sis grab her digicam and snap them. Not many that she took though, her reason is she doesn’t wanna take the whole body, and since the room is small, she’ll have to use her untrained photo skills to take these gorgeous photos.
So, I’ve scrap it..
Love to see their expressions in these photos, really show how much they enjoy the shower. I wish my sis got more photos on this. Now it is being displayed in my scrap area, just feel that I should show it off and enjoy it first before I put it into my album.
This is actually done at the back of “3 rascals”. So I can’t poke any hole in this LO too, all embellishments are being attached with zots and glue.

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