Back to new and the routine

Yupe, got back and started to work. Got to send the two boys to school, surprisingly today, they didn’t cry, no show of separation anxiety.. probably later.. this mother is nuts, who in the world would hope that their kids will cry on first day at school? But.. hey, that show how much they miss their mommy ma.. anyway, it is also a good thing, it shows that they know how to control their emotion..

About the photos.. I guess I won’t be able to show any photo from now on till Chinese New Year, cos that is when hubby is getting home and that is when he can bring back the camera that I left in China.. [double :(( from me.. ]
Yes, that is really the dumbest thing that I did, how could I have forgotten my camera!! All the photos are there.. all those that I wanted to use in my scrapbook, for my Christmas pages, my Disney pages, my travel pages, my daily pages.. OMG!! I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY CAMERA! Yes, those were the first things that I thought of when I discovered that the camera is not in my bag. It get worst when hubby called saying that he can’t find the camera at home, which means.. OH NO!!! I can’t even scrap them? I haven’t even develop them! I can’t show to my friends? What if people use my photos to do silly thing? what if…?
I’m ok in loosing the camera, I can buy a new one, but the photos?!? Loosing them is like loosing some of my memory.. those one in a million photo shot that I’ve got, those never gonna have it again moment?
Then when I call hubby again, he said he found it in his wind breaker.. buoy am I glad, but I was mad with him, cos that really given me some head-ache and heart-ache.
Fui, u better think of something to compensate those cells that died in me..

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