Just got back from Hong Kong Disneyland. Yupe, been there, done that and loved it. Hoping to go back again someday after they have new “land” being built up.
Thought we’ve been there, but we didn’t spend counting down there, instead we are back in China and me and hubby didn’t really do our count down. The boys are flat and need to put them to bed soonest when we arrived, and I had my late nite shower after that, can u imagine, whole day in the same clothes without shower.. buoy.. that was a nicest shower I ever had. Oh and the boys.. well.. Cal can sleep standing in the MTR, that’s how tired he got after the whole day visiting the zebra, darzan, elephants, hippo, Mickey, Donald, Santa, and oh the parade and snow.
Sorry.. no photos for now, will do that once I have them. At the mean time, it is bed time for me.. I’ll get panda eyes in the morning, that is definite.