Wanna do business online?

Or you are already in the thought of doing that.. so wanna look for one good shopping cart software?

Ashop is offering affordable online ecommerce software which accept credit cards online (no need to create paypal) and it is a web based software that doesn’t need installation (doesn’t jam up ur hard-drive).

Starting from USD39.95 a month, you get to enjoy up to 50 products’ cart entry. As for unlimited product, they charge USD189.95. You can also take their free 10 day trial to try out before decide to commit yourself, if you choose their USD69.95 package which has 100MB webspace but still for 50 products’ cart. They claim that they are having an Award winning shopping cart software. All of the package include “Built-in Design Themes”.

With the price that you are paying for, you get their technical support which to me is the most important thing for a non-shopping-cart-savvy person.

Well.. find out yourself and visit their website for more information. To me.. not yet.. not now.. but who knows some day I’m gonna do this online business things. Anyone wanna buy scrapbooking idea?

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