Get Paid For Blogging

Yay!! Ever heard of Smorty? Ever heard of get paid for blogging ? I suppose most of us are familiar with blog advertising or advertise on blogs, I didn’t know about posting also can earn money till I saw it in my friend’s blog and thought to myself.. hmm.. what is this? Smorty.. then I got an update from her telling me that I can actually earn by posting. So here I am. Well, it will also depends on my traffic, the popularity of the blog. Smorty is actually one that connect advertisers with bloggers and you can write about your opinion and post them on your blog according to assignment. This is actually one way in helping bloggers to get to the right information that they needed daily.
Ya, I suppose you can blog for money while you are sharing your stories with your fellow bloggers or friends that choose to read on your blog. No harm in trying and who knows one of your posting is a helping tips for someone else that doesn’t seems to know about it. Smorty actually give you a choice on things that you wanted to write about, or familiar with instead of just putting an advertisement there which need users to click on them. I haven’t came across any other “get paid for blogging” services yet, and Smorty is the first and I think I’m hooked.

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