Took the nite HK train then transfer by bus to the China border, it took us 1.5 hours from HK including the train and bus ride, immigration and taxi ride. Not many people at nite, thus it took us faster to get through the immigration and got ourself a taxi.
Before that nite, we went to join in the BBQ fun in the fire department which is being organised for family members. The boys had great fun there seeing the real fire engine up close and sure enough taken lots of photos. The boys love it.
Last nite was a family take-out day which we order Japanese food, but that is strickly for adults and as for kids, we got them spegetti, chicken wings and sausages, and lots of toys.
It is not a public holiday yesterday in China, they don’t celebrate Christmas over here.. so hubby still had to work, today as well.
Christmas over here is more to the advantage of business people, Christmas theme but not knowing the true meaning of the birth of Christ.

well.. today is the 1st day of staying home with the boys… frustrating and nerve cracking as Cal always do things purposely opposite my request.. not easy to be a stay home mom.. I miss my normal working day routine… but enjoying some me and my boys time as well.. despite the nerve cracking part.

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