Now then I know how bad I felt after I’ve said something bad to other people, it felt so bad inside.. which I knew I shouldn’t have said that on the first place and yet I still did. So after that, what made it worst is I can’t reach the person for several hours. During that several hours, I don’t feel like doing anything, seems that it is worthless for me to do other things, and I kept on ringing… my heart wasn’t in peace with myself. I told myself I must get forgiveness, I must said sorry, I must let that person know I shouldn’t have said that.
During that few hours many things came into my mind, lots of “what if”. What if he/she doesn’t forgive me, what if he/she already decided there on that they are going to do something bad for themselves.. what if they would never talk to me.. what if..

At last, I got to talk to that one person and how great it felt to know that he/she wasn’t angry with me and that the sky is clear again..