Long time..

I know.. it has been quite some times that I haven’t been updating my blog.. been so into my scrapbooking that I’ve totally forgotten about blogging. After I’ve received the scrapbooking kit from and online store, I’ve been burning mid-nite oil to do those pages that shown on the kit’s bulletin and I love it very much till I show almost everyone who came home, not many actually, but they are my brother who came back recently, my neaces, my sisters and my mom. Mom called it “kut tiu lao si” in hakka, it means my non-sense things, but after seeing my work she suggested me to scrap the family photo as well. My eldest sister even suggested me to open a small shop teaching people doing scrapbooking and also selling the materials, talk about teaching, I myself would like someone to teach me the proper way in doing scrapbooking.
Another sister of mine said “so, eventually they’ll all become scrap huh?” well.. that is the one sister that haven’t seen my work yet or she is just being jealous..hehe..

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