Haven’t been blogging

Welcome home to myself, ya.. have been away for a week without access to my blog page and without my scrapbooking things. They have probably block blogspot in ShenZhen.
Time over there is solely family time with my two boys and hubby, other than the daily routine of doing bits of house chaos and cooking, that is argueing over who should use the notebook to get online. Yes, I’m arguing with Calvin, he knows how to get into pbskids.org to play games! Well, at least he is not fighting with the little brother and the site is a good one, so I just let him la.. it also means whenever I got the notebook out, he will ask for games!
On the 2nd night there, we went to Wal-Mart and got them some blocks to play play with.. just to occupy some of their time, when they are too free, they play rough.
The blocks only occupied some of Calvin’s time and pretty soon he got bored with it, I suppose running around and fighting with the brother is more interesting to him. So here are some works done by Calvin.

Other than that, both of them enjoyed watching Sesame Streets which is on everyday at 4pm, that is right after their nap time, that is also one of the attraction in getting them to sleep so that they can wake up for the show. Mervin know Elmo, the little red monster that has a pet fish call Dorethy.
That is another hour occupying them in front of the TV while I can do some of my preparation for dinner.
Kind of missed the time over there too, except the fighting part.

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