New in scrapbooking

I’m overwhelm by the products that I can find over the net on scrapbooking. Found many sites that offer sales and even got membership which send you the kid everymonth with a cost. Check out the following sites:
ScrapGoods – You’ll need to register as a member before you can view their catalogue. It offers monthly kids with instruction to member with a fix price. As a member, you’ll be able to see some of the techniques that they teach which come together with the kid everymonth.
Collected Memories – This one doesn’t ship to Malaysia.. yet. Lots of products to choose from, you can build your own wish list. How nice if I’m staying in the US, then surely I’ll order from them, infact I did and now have to think of the most economical way to get it ship from California.
About scrapbooking – This site give you all the ideas in doing a great scrapbooking, it offers free layout, free die cut. All with pictures. I love this site for its information on scrapbooking.

Surprisingly, I only found one scrapbook company listed in the net which situated in Hong Kong central, “Memory Chest”. However I can’t get much out from their website, which is dissapointing.

As a newbie, I’ve just found out recently that we have scrapbooking magazines on the rack in our bookstore around town. This is really a good news to me, however after much reading about it, where can I start getting the materials around town? sad huh.. could anyone out there tell me if I should start selling this things in KK?

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