I’ve done all together 3 pages of scrapbooking but with all the wrong materials as I can’t find the right one here in KK. What I should have used are acid free paper, approved adhesive, pen.. etc.. well.. I thought to myself “heck to the right kind of material” and just started doing it with sketch papers, wrapping papers, glu stick, double-sided tape, technical pen and ribbons.. Only later that I found out it is important to use the right kind of material for preserving purposes.. else over time, my photos will be rotten due to the wrong type of things that I used.. well well.. let me just show you one of my pages that I’ve done.

This was done using photo of Mer having his haircut. I love this picture because he was all smiling and laughing, and was not a bit scared with the razor. He used to be scared of haircutting in salon, so I used to cut for him during his bath.

I used wrapping paper for the background, with some journalling on the side. The picture of bird and flowers are from a magazine, fortunately it wasn’t stick on to my precious photo as surely it is acidic.

Scrapbooking is fun and it is some sort of therapeautic ‘cos it let you settle down yourself, clear your thought and start creating your page layout, which then give emphasis on the subject of your pages/photo, which to me this help me to clam myself down whenever I start to get angry with my kids.

Gonna do more of it once I’ve got all my materials sent over from California or Perth, sure gonna have more fun then.

2 thoughts on “Scrapbooking

  1. hannie says:

    Jurra,Thanks for the site.I found a lot of sites in the net showing their design, tula overwhelm already.. till I’m not so sure what I should be doing.sure you can be creative la.. just like what u’ve done for ur own site. 😉


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