Sleeping with two boys

It is not romantic to sleep with two boys, not even fun! I can’t get enough sleep!

I had to wake up twice middle of the night from his call for milk and complaints about itchy butt. Little Mer had to take off his diaper and pants, and prefer to sleep with his naked butt, not even want to have the blanket over him. But for god sake, it is raining heavily outside…

As for the other guy, I woke up discovering that he wet his bed while I wanted to put his blanket on, where he normally rolled it just around his stomach. I know.. he is 4 and yet still wet his bed, probably too much liquid before bed.

Oh .. what the heck, I’ll just have to cover the wet part with towel so that he can continue with his sleep and wash the blanket, bed sheet and towel in the morning. Easy job, just chug into the machine, but the hard part is drying them cos it is rainy days now..

Other than the above .. I still love to sleep with them as I don’t need to walk too far to attend to that “milk call” and at least Cal doesn’t need to sleep on the wet bed the whole night through… plus Mer got this lovely smell on him.

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