scrapbook page

I’ve recently started doing my scrapbooking pages about my Europe trip during my first year of study in UK. Ya.. it has been more than 10 years ago, now then when I look back into my magnetic album and found those photos badly treated, I straight away started my project with the papers that are available through the personal shopper kit that I’m subscribing to.

I didn’t put dates and names to the photos, thus it was a drag for me to find out the right dates that I’ve been traveling and also the right names for the right places. It is also through this that I found out more than what I know before on certain places. It even occured to me that I’ve been to Brussels in Belgium without realising it.. goodness! I also learn more by doing some search in the net about those places that I’ve been to. Fortunately I’ve been sending postcard to my sister during that trip, they help me to track down the time and the tour sequence.
Below are two pages that I’ve done yesterday right after work.

I didn’t use much embelishment on these pages and the red checks brads seems bulgy to me. I hope they won’t dent the other photo pages.

I’ve also hide a photo inside the wine label on my 2nd page. Basically that photo doesn’t have much to show, only the wine stand in the factory, thus I prefer to hide it away. The jornalling is something that I felt at that time, which I prefer not to be viewed by all.

I’ve also posted these up in
I’ve another great news for myself, a friend is back from the US, bringing all my stuff that I’ve ordered online and got sent to him, he got me extra things too, just can’t wait to see them. Another great news is, my order from Brunei also got respond and am getting them next week, yay!! So many good news.

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