Can’t get myself

I mean I can’t get myself up for something crafty recently. No creativity juice flowing. I wanted to do something, just something but can’t get it started.

I wanted to do a mini CD case album. I wanted to follow a sketch and challenge to do layouts, but still nothing came out. I’ve even bought a CD case.

The other day I tried to design a stamp for my Raya card, but it came out different from the font that I’ve chosen, ‘cos along the way, the person who printed out the design doesn’t have the same font in my PC. Well, I still accept it and they still look okay to me, just that I’m really going to do another stamp with my original font.

I wanted to start making some Raya cards for my Muslim friends and am thinking about Christmas card even. Well, see if anything come out later.

Still hoping to be able to create something…

My blog

Found that the shout box recently contains a lot of spam messages, so I’ve decided to remove it. So you all, if you have any comment, please comment straight on my post, I love to hear from you and love comments. I would love to know if I can be an inspiration for you all.

Have done a few cards what I wanted to post for friends. I know.. now-a-day we seldom send out cards especially with the convenient of email. But hey, cards with hand written messages is fun! I love to get them, what more if they are hand-made!

But since I wanted to send those cards to some of my friends and they may be reading my blog, so I won’t post them here right now, it won’t be a surprise if they already know what the card looks like. A sneak maybe.. wait for them.

Good night! And have a happy weekend!

Been playing around

with my blog templates. So I’ve been changing my blog template all free from Simply Fabulous Blogger templates.
I’m not totally comfortable with the black background, but I love the header, so what do you think? Shall I stay with this one? Or if you have any suggestion, please let me know, but it has to be free or with less than US$5, really run out of fund at the moment.

Oh ya, weekend is just around the corner.. project project.. I’ve got myself some zips, foam/sponge and twine. Going to have some fun either sewing or scrapbook. At the same time, I’m hoping to catch some more sleep, to compensate whatever that I’ve lost during the week too.

Happy weekend!

So excited

Yes, my layout is being featured in Scrapbook Deals 4U as the layout of the week! Yup, I’m so happy about it, glad that it has been picked. Hope to do more layouts that are inspiring and able to catch others’ attention.

Head on over for more inspiration at Scrapbook Deals 4U in their gallery, you’ll find lots of great layouts there.

Now, after seeing what Iris Babao Uy has done, I’m planning to use a sketch from Pencil line too, hope to get the right photos for it.

Oh, and I’ve just reserved a March kit from Studio Calico, the QUILTING BEE ! Their February kit sold out in lighting time! Really looking forward for it and also the Slice design card – basic shape 3 from Scrap-n-Crop, can’t wait, can’t wait.

Happy Scrapping!

My little scrap corner

Yes, I finally had got my scrap corner ready with a banquet table, an album cabinet that can fit in my American Craft ring album, a magazine rack that I’ve filled up with stuff.

It still doesn’t look complete to me, there are still things missing. I would love to have those Making Memories jars and Desktop Carousel. I’m eying on things that look like Doodlebug Fashion Furnishing Line Collectable Cupboard and Paper Cube. Hoping to make my little corner with more colors.
I need more basket too, the type that I can put clothes on the inside and store my scrapbook stuff.
Oh, I definitely need a good chair, preferably with wheels.
Another thing is I hope to be able to display my works on the wall or maybe on some wall mounted shelves, even better with shadow box.
I think sooner or later this corner will be filled with storage cabinet and stuff. Let’s just say, this is a start. A good one I must say.
Hmm.. and now I’m still waiting for my kit from Scrapbook Deals 4U *sigh* Why do I stay so far away from the States.


Another bummer for me happened today – I forgot my camera!

It is like “I forgot my phone” thing to me ‘cos today I’m suppose to load photos into the gallery to be entered for some challenges and yet of all the things, I forgot the camera which I’ve already snap photos of my layout, one that being doing last night using the beautiful Delilah kit from Scrapbook Deals4U.

*Sigh* And now, I’ll have to wait till next Tuesday to get it loaded and it will be way past due date. I really really wish I can have my broadband running at home, unfortunately it doesn’t cover till that area. Even when it does, it is way too slow for me to load anything over the Net.

So peeps, you won’t be able to see me online over here updating on my blog till next Tuesday. I’m going to a land that forbid Blogspot and Facebook. Can you imagine that? To live without having access to Blogspot and Facebook? It is a sad case to me. For once, they (Chinese gov.) has opened up their gateway and let people browse blogspot, now they are blocking it again. Even YouTube also can’t get over their gateway. Sad huh!?

So, see you after Monday.

What I’m dying to have now

I’m so excited and yet so sad.. ‘cos I’ve got my Coconut Scrapbooking July kit and I’ve run out of glue!!
First, I finished up my Herma glue tap, then I used my glue stick, then I finished that also! Now I only got end of the glue stick which I need to dig out using my cutting knife!
I wanted to order quick, but there just not enough fund in my paypal at the moment for me to do my order from Scrap-n-Crop (its the fastest as it is from KL). I wanted to buy some other things together with my glue, else it is a waste of the shipping charge.
Another exciting thing is that I’ve just got my Creating Keepsakes August issue. So I suppose I’ll just have to do lots of reading before getting my glue and before I can play with the July kit.
The kit has got so many fun things inside, chipboard lettering, stars and album, buttons, lots of Scenic Road Liberty line, flowers and a star stamp! Now I just have to get the glue quick!