My little scrap corner

Yes, I finally had got my scrap corner ready with a banquet table, an album cabinet that can fit in my American Craft ring album, a magazine rack that I’ve filled up with stuff.

It still doesn’t look complete to me, there are still things missing. I would love to have those Making Memories jars and Desktop Carousel. I’m eying on things that look like Doodlebug Fashion Furnishing Line Collectable Cupboard and Paper Cube. Hoping to make my little corner with more colors.
I need more basket too, the type that I can put clothes on the inside and store my scrapbook stuff.
Oh, I definitely need a good chair, preferably with wheels.
Another thing is I hope to be able to display my works on the wall or maybe on some wall mounted shelves, even better with shadow box.
I think sooner or later this corner will be filled with storage cabinet and stuff. Let’s just say, this is a start. A good one I must say.
Hmm.. and now I’m still waiting for my kit from Scrapbook Deals 4U *sigh* Why do I stay so far away from the States.

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