Another bummer for me happened today – I forgot my camera!

It is like “I forgot my phone” thing to me ‘cos today I’m suppose to load photos into the gallery to be entered for some challenges and yet of all the things, I forgot the camera which I’ve already snap photos of my layout, one that being doing last night using the beautiful Delilah kit from Scrapbook Deals4U.

*Sigh* And now, I’ll have to wait till next Tuesday to get it loaded and it will be way past due date. I really really wish I can have my broadband running at home, unfortunately it doesn’t cover till that area. Even when it does, it is way too slow for me to load anything over the Net.

So peeps, you won’t be able to see me online over here updating on my blog till next Tuesday. I’m going to a land that forbid Blogspot and Facebook. Can you imagine that? To live without having access to Blogspot and Facebook? It is a sad case to me. For once, they (Chinese gov.) has opened up their gateway and let people browse blogspot, now they are blocking it again. Even YouTube also can’t get over their gateway. Sad huh!?

So, see you after Monday.

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