A week in the life – Sunday

Last day to record the project of “A week in the life”. First time doing this project and kind of getting the idea of recording bits and pieces of things everyday. Still I’ve so much to learn and so many photos that I’ve missed taken during the course of the week.
For Sunday, these are some of the photos that I’ve taken:

early morning game time…

Start cooking for our branch, fried noodle.

Pleasant sweet visitors.

Doing the household chores – folding up all those clothes.

Mom was having a gesture filled conversation with Calvin.

Managed to slot in some craft time and created a page from scratch.

Will have to think of how to gather all these together in an album and transfer those written words in the album. Hope this is the beginning of a project that I’ve do every year.

A week in the life – Saturday

A day that I’ve learnt so much!
First is that boys love Ice Lemon Tea and leaning the Abacus. 
The hidden message from the boys: Even though Mervin said he doesn’t want to have noodle, but still he took it after I’ve ordered it. Same goes to Calvin. 
I think they are glad that they can be out from the house for a while in learning new things – doing fun calculation with their abacus.
As for me, I was glad that I’ve got some time for myself to replenish my hair in the hand of the professionals.
And buoy am I glad that hubby is back from his trip and we get to listen to a professor talk about personality and get to do a personality test for ourselves, which turn out to be so true on whom we are! I’m so glad that I’ve enrolled ourselves in that talk.
While we were in the talk, the boys were with Aunty Lucy and her lovely girls. Am so thankful for this friend who can babysit the boys while we attend the talk. Furthermore, the boys had a great time over there, no fighting as all! Hope to do that more actually – let them be with girls instead of boys who may play rough. I had some catching up time with Lucy too.
Evening time, the boys are glad to meet up with their cousin for some games of PSP, what more they get to see some fireworks from the neighbor.

A week in the life – Friday

A day that the boys are looking forward to as they can see their cousins while their parents are away and I had to fetch them over to my mom’s place. Calvin and Mervin were super excited about playing BayBlade with their cousins.
After a night of play in grandma’s house, it was time to rest. I’m glade that they had a tired night, thus falling into bed without much hassle.
I even get myself some time in doing some honey corn flakes minis.
I even thought to myself I can handle the 4 boys when I have to.

A week in the life – Thursday

I lost what happened on Thursday. All I could remember is I was so tired at the end of the day and Calvin was still struggling with his homework.

Had an early night for Mervin while Calvin tried to finished off his homework. Then was story time for Mervin. They still love story time before bed, no matter what. No matter how late. No matter how tired they are. Sometime though, they’ll forget about story time and went straight to bed after their bottle of milk. Which to me is a great news, means I can rest early.

Calvin keep on trying to blow dry his hair in a way that he wanted it to stay in place. But.. well, since it is too short, he can’t do much about it. He even tried to use my hair clip!

A week in the life – Wednesday

Thanks to Ali, that I get the idea in positioning my camera in certain position while I was doing certain things in the morning. Not so attractive photos, but at least it let me know how is things like when I was doing my daily routine.
Brushing time for myself.

Preparing breakfast snack for the boys to bring to school (Yes, we actually using the small stove instead of the nicely installed electrical stove which already broken down.):

The boys having a few games of BayBlade in the car while on the way to school, look how much fun they are having!:

Yup, wearing my Hush Puppies sandal for the first time:
Calvin enjoyed some time of sewing up beads, look how concentrated he is:

As for Mer, he enjoyed some TV time of Merlin:

That’s all about what I’ve taken today.

A week in the life – Tuesday

Just wanted to record down those photos that I’ve taken today for the Week in life project.
Had an early day:
One is off to school and the other one fast asleep in the car, while hubby sent the other boy.
Activity of the day: Learning to sew beats and learning simple patterns and can combine into nice design.
This is the work of art from our Gurus:
My course work:

Week in the life 2011

Yes! I’m trying to follow this project through with Ali Edwards and today is the first day for this project. It will continue till this Sunday. Hopefully I am able to record whatever that I wanted to and hopefully through this I’ll get to know myself and my family more.
Ali is already started giving out gifts through her blog, so you don’t want to miss this, so do check out her blog everyday to get those chances in winning some thing from her blog.
For today itself, I’ve already taken a few photos. But since I’m making it a very personal record of my life, I will not share the details here. Probably just some photos.

Lunch with hubby in Fatty Chef:

The lego kid who has done his homework without much pushing.

His work of art!

Happy memory keeping!