A week in the life – Wednesday

Thanks to Ali, that I get the idea in positioning my camera in certain position while I was doing certain things in the morning. Not so attractive photos, but at least it let me know how is things like when I was doing my daily routine.
Brushing time for myself.

Preparing breakfast snack for the boys to bring to school (Yes, we actually using the small stove instead of the nicely installed electrical stove which already broken down.):

The boys having a few games of BayBlade in the car while on the way to school, look how much fun they are having!:

Yup, wearing my Hush Puppies sandal for the first time:
Calvin enjoyed some time of sewing up beads, look how concentrated he is:

As for Mer, he enjoyed some TV time of Merlin:

That’s all about what I’ve taken today.

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