A week in the life – Saturday

A day that I’ve learnt so much!
First is that boys love Ice Lemon Tea and leaning the Abacus. 
The hidden message from the boys: Even though Mervin said he doesn’t want to have noodle, but still he took it after I’ve ordered it. Same goes to Calvin. 
I think they are glad that they can be out from the house for a while in learning new things – doing fun calculation with their abacus.
As for me, I was glad that I’ve got some time for myself to replenish my hair in the hand of the professionals.
And buoy am I glad that hubby is back from his trip and we get to listen to a professor talk about personality and get to do a personality test for ourselves, which turn out to be so true on whom we are! I’m so glad that I’ve enrolled ourselves in that talk.
While we were in the talk, the boys were with Aunty Lucy and her lovely girls. Am so thankful for this friend who can babysit the boys while we attend the talk. Furthermore, the boys had a great time over there, no fighting as all! Hope to do that more actually – let them be with girls instead of boys who may play rough. I had some catching up time with Lucy too.
Evening time, the boys are glad to meet up with their cousin for some games of PSP, what more they get to see some fireworks from the neighbor.

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