Cards for a special person

It has been an awesome month so far and I bet it has been some awesome 20 over years for my just newly retired colleague ST.

ST has been an awesome colleague to me ever since my first day at work. She has been a joyful person and one who likes to share especially on her cooking and food review.

Yesterday was her birthday and the last few days I’ve been asked to make cards for her. All these cards below were made with love (of course), so here there are:


The 1st card was requested by group of colleagues who wanted to give her a special gift..

card1 card2



This second card were requested by a colleague who wanted to wish her happy birthday:card3 card4


And this third one is from all of us in the same section who wanted to give her a farewell yesterday:card5 card6


I’ve used butterflies in all cards in a way to symbolize her being “free” from work, though I’m sure she is not really retire from anything, she’s just simply move on to another phase of her life, one that have more adventure and learning to do, which I hope she’ll even be happier with.


So, ST, happy retirement! You know you are special.

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