Yes,  I believe we constantly think that we wanted the best for our family members and those closest to us.

Yes,  I believe that we constantly think that our kids will still be kids instead of grown up.

I believe I’ve made the mistakes above.  Giving advices at the wrong time or without being invited and yet thought that I should give then my opinion and advices.

I’m learning on how to let go and yet at the same time asking if I should and how much I should let go.

Read this and a lot go through my mind.

The thought of Korean drama came into my mind when reading that article. Yes,  they are just dramas,  but I treat the viewing time as a learning session for myself. The way they talk,  how they use sincerity,  indirect sentences to bring across what they think,  how they use every sentence as a mean to gain trust, to know if the other person is trustworthy. How they need to use the right salutation for elder, someone who is older or in higher level than them;  how they respect their culture, the advice from their elder and a lot more.

Another thing that I’ve learnt is how they struggle in thinking for others,  for putting themselves into others shoes. At the same time not forgetting themselves and being there consciously knowing how they feel and can even describe it out.

Yes,  a lot to learn. . Even from dramas. .